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Professor Ulf Molau one of the main authors of a new IPCC- report


The Alps, Switzerland.
Today, September 25, the UN Climate Panel releases the Ocean and Cryosphere report in a Changing Climate. Swedish report author is Ulf Molau, professor of plant ecology at the University of Gothenburg, who has written the chapter High Mountains about climate change in the mountain ranges.

– The UN Climate Panel, IPCC, has started to release such special reports to relieve the pressure ahead of the big report coming in 2021. To get important information out as quickly as possible, IPCC now releases six heavy chapters, says Ulf Molau.

The UN Climate Panel has already released a special report on agriculture and forestry.

Participates as Swedish main author

The new special report includes the first six chapters of the upcoming major report and deals with the oceans and the cryosphere, that is, all cold areas that currently are affected by glaciers, snow and permafrost.

– That the first six chapters are released in advance depends on their importance, says Ulf Molau.

Portrait of Ulf Molau.The chapters include changes in Polar Regions, sea levels and ocean ecology. Chapter 2, High Mountains, highlights climate change that is going on in the mountain ranges. Here Ulf Molau is one of the main authors.

– This chapter has been developed in close collaboration with the Polar Regions chapter. The chapter High Mountains is a piece of news, as these results only have so far been distributed in regional chapters on Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania. Now we have a global compilation for the first time, says Ulf Molau.

At the press conference, Ulf Molau as Swedish report writer participates together with Lena Lindström and Markku Rummukainen as representatives of SMHI, as IPCC's national contact point, and Magnus Hieronymos from SMHI as expert.

The report Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate is released in conjunction with the decision meeting in Monaco. In Sweden, the report will be presented on September 25 at 2 pm at a press conference at the World Trade Center in Stockholm.

Contact: Ulf Molau
Professor at the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, University of Gothenburg
031-786 2665, 0708-790533,

Photo: Portrait of Ulf Molau, photographer: Mars Lindroth