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Professor Erik Hjalmarsson is Gothenburg's Finance Person of the Year


Professor Erik Hjalmarsson, at the Centre of Finance, has been awarded as Gothenburg’s finance person of the year 2014 in recognition of his contributions to research in financial economics.

Erik Hjalmarsson’s research is about analyzing the effects of s high-frequency trade on financial markets. He also studies the predictability of stock returns. Through his experience and expertise the Centre of Finance has developed into an attractive and excellent research environment.

At present Erik Hjalmarsson holds a Felix Neubergh Professor of Banking and Financial Economics.

Each year FinansKompetensCentrum, a regional network, awards Gothenburg’s finance person of the year to a person who has significantly contributed to the financial position of the region. Erik Hjalmarsson was awarded at the Day of Finance, December 2.

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