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One of eight global preferred talent partners for Volvo Group


The Volvo Group is working in the long term with talent acquisition. A key element is establishing closer contact with a number of Preferred Talent Partners. The School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg is one of eight universities throughout the world to be selected as Volvo partners.

Kerstin RenardExecutive Vice President of Human Resources Kerstin Renard is one of three members of the Group Executive Management who are involved in Volvo’s strategy for selecting Talent Partners.

“Recruitment and talent acquisition are important issues. Everything is founded on competence. If we are unable to secure access to the right competence in the future, the survival of the company could be threatened,” states Kerstin Renard.

Carefully selected partner
With 115,000 employees in 190 countries, the Volvo Group has numerous contacts with universities. The Preferred Talent Partners initiative is a means of raising quality and strategic focus.

“Based on specific criteria, we have chosen those universities around the world that we would like to collaborate with more closely over time. Key factors are quality of education and international relations with other universities and it is of course critical that the education content meets our long-term requirements.”

Competence for the future
Long-range planning is very evident at Volvo Group in the form of a 10-year technology and product plan. This allows the HR department to work solidly in the long term. What are the competence requirements of the future?

“Apart from functional competences, social aspects and diversity have become increasingly important,” says Kerstin Renard.

“Aspects such as humility and the capacity to communicate and co-operate with different cultures are critical.”

This is an article from the School´s presentation brochure.
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