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New strategies for African industrialisation


Over the last decades there has been economic growth in African countries. But at the same time Africa’s share of global manufacturing has fallen from about three percent in 1970 to less than two percent in 2010. So why is there so little industry in Africa?

"Made in Africa" outlines a new strategy to help Africa get its fair share of global market. Måns Söderbom, professor in economics at the University of Gothenburg, and his coauthors use case studies and quantitative research from Africa and emerging Asia to understand what drives firm-level productivity in low income countries.

They discuss traditional concerns such as infrastructure, skills, and the regulatory environment but also challenges posed by the Africa's growing resource abundance. They conclude by outlining a new industrialization strategy to help Africa compete in global markets.

"This book is about how Africa's industrial decline can be reversed through better industrial policies. We're hoping that policy makers, donors, and academics interested in Africa will find the book both stimulating and enjoyable", says Måns Söderbom.

"Made in Africa" is based on the results of a research project sponsored by the African Development Bank, the Brookings Institution, and the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research.