New PhD course: Bacterial biofilms - microbiology and infection

The course consists of lectures, laboratory work, demonstrations, group exercises, quizzes and a written assignment.

Course description

This course will provide participants with a theoretical understanding of bacterial biofilms and of the health care problems related to infections involving biofilms, including antimicrobial resistance. It will cover clinical, infectious and microbiological aspects of biofilm-related infections (device-related and tissue infections).
The course will also describe research methodology to study biofilms, including laboratory demonstrations of basic and advanced microbiological techniques: biofilm culturing methods (static and flow), viable colony counting (CFU), species identification (biochemical and 16S rRNA), strain typing (MLST, cgMLST), susceptibility testing (disk diffusion, MIC and MBEC), biofilm morphology (confocal microscopy and crystal violet), gene detection (antimicrobial resistant- and biofilm-related genes) and gene expression (qPCR/ddPCR). Participants will gain hands-on experience in data analysis of the mentioned techniques.

Study period: 2023-04-17 - 2023-04-28

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