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Joint Innovation Research Project between Zhejiang University, China and the School of Business, Economics and Law


“Influence Mechanism to Create Leading Edge Innovation Capabilities in Knowledge-intensive Enterprises in the Global Innovation Network” is the title of a new international research project between the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, and National Institute for Innovation Management at School of Management, Zhejiang University.

Jun Jin, Associate Professor at Zhejiang University in China is project leader and Maureen McKelvey, Professor at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as well as other researchers from China are involved in the project. The project runs between January 2017 and December 2020 and is financed by the National Nature Science Foundation of China.

What is the project about and what is the purpose?

The innovation capabilities and sustainability of Knowledge-intensive Enterprises (KIEs) have played a more and more crucial role in the competition of a country or a region. The innovation patterns, strategies, and development processes of Knowledge-intensive enterprises, especially emerging KIEs, might be different from those in other manufacturing enterprises. How could a KIE in emerging countries create its leading edge competences in the world? Is it distinguished from the classical process from imitation to innovation in emerging countries? What are specifics in this process? What will the global innovation network influence this leapfrog progress? All of these research questions are under explored, and will be main focus during the project.

“This project will enrich the theories on indigenous innovation and catching up on global innovation”, says Jun Jin. “It will close the research gap on KIEs in emerging countries in the global innovation network, and provide the practical and theoretical guides to advance such industries and national innovation systems.”


Jun Jin
Associate Professor, Zhejiang University

Maureen McKelvey
Professor, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship