Intresserad i MIKfrågor och visuell bildning?

Material from the MIK seminar at Hagabion on 24 May is now available online.
The seminar was hosted by Lisa Sputnes Mouwitz, Erik Florin Persson, Karl-Magnus Johansson and Marie Hellervik.

During the seminar, you were given insight into the activities of GPS400 (Gothenburg Cultures in the City 1621-2021). It is a centre for collaborative visual research at the University of Gothenburg that works with museums, archives, libraries, government agencies, industry and the general public. The seminar presented research projects and digitised historical films and photographs from Gothenburg and the surrounding area. The examples in the presentations were in this case linked to the MIL field.

The event was a collaboration between the Department of Cultural Development, Filmpedagogerna, Folkets Bio and the University of Gothenburg.

The presentation material is in Swedish.

What is MIL?

Media and information literacy (MIL) is an umbrella term for the skills that enable people to handle, evaluate and analyse the flow of information through different types of media.