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International congress on tourism in coastal and marine environments in Gothenburg


The swedish archepelagio

The Center for Tourism at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg is hosting the 9th International Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism 2017 (CMT). CMT is widely considered the world's foremost congress related to tourism and recreation in coastal and marine environments and is attended by academics, students and practitioners from around the world.

The congress, which this year has the theme “Global challenges, local solutions”, will be held at the School of Business, Economics and Law from 13 to 16 June 2017 with approximately 100 participants. The participants represent 29 countries spread across all continents. They will have the opportunity to present their research projects and research results, as well as listen to presentations and participate in four different workshops.

- The Center for Tourism stands for a long and successful research tradition in the tourism sector. Organizing conferences and congresses is a natural part of the center's activities. This year we gather international excellence in Gothenburg, who for a number of days will present and discuss research on tourism in coastal and marine environments. We believe that CMT provides a first-class opportunity to discuss, together with industry, politics, public and non-profit sectors, when and how tourism can contribute to sustainable social development, especially in developing countries, says John Armbrecht, researcher at the School of Business, Economics and Law, and Head of the Center for Tourism.

Center for Tourism (CFT)

The Centre for Tourism forms a cross disciplinary research platform in close collaboration with the tourism industry in Sweden. The mission is to develop the business with the objective to become one of the leading tourism research centers in Europe. Current prioritised research at the CFT is event and meetings management, impact analysis of tourism, hotel and restaurant management, maritime tourism, destinations management, cultural tourism and tourism in developing countries

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