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Gregor Noll co-author of an edited volume on "War and Algorithm. Limits of Understanding, Law and Vision"


Together with two fellow editors and main authors, Gregor Noll, professor of international law at the Department of Law at the School of Business, Economics and Law at GU has recently signed a book contract with Rowland & Littlefield (London/New York) for an edited volume on War and Algorithm. Limits of Understanding, Law and Vision.

This is an unconventional book in form and content. Its core consists of three individually authored chapters, which look at specific aspects of the emerging form of warfare from the perspectives of critical theory and philosophy (Daniel Steuer, Brighton), legal studies (Gregor Noll, Gothenburg), and visual studies (Max Liljefors, Lund). To each chapter, there is a response from a renowned scholar in the field (Howard Caygill, Kingston; Sara Kendall, Kent; and Allen Feldman, NYU). The final chapter of the book is a manifesto, jointly authored by Liljefors, Noll, and Steuer, taking a stand on the present transformation of forms of violence in an ever more digitalized world. The project emerged out of a sense of urgency felt in response to the accelerating technological, economic, social and political developments that seem to make it increasingly difficult to theoretically capture the changes that are taking place. The complexity of the task is intensified given that the changes are not confined to the military field, but infuse the mutual influences and transformations between the military, the economy, and politics.

War and Algorithm will be out in parallel hardback, paperback and e-book editions in November 2019.