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Funding for research on heritage and minorities


Funding for research on heritage and minorities to CHS researchers

Today heritage is increasingly recognized as plural and heterogeneous. Hence, it is necessary to find new ways to meet the challenges that follow from such an understanding of heritage. The groups that are today designated as National minorities in Sweden – the Sámi, the Tornedalers, the Jews, the Roma and the Sweden Finns – have each, and through a long historical stay within the national borders, deposited traces in landscape and collective memory. Nevertheless, the historical places of these groups generally gain only little explicit recognition by people in general and also by the official heritage sector. Departing from recent research on the official heritage sector's identification of the historical places of one of these groups, the Roma, this project aims to continue the task by providing a survey of also the remaining National minorities – the Sámi, the Tornedalers, the Jews and the Sweden Finns. This research project is funded by the Swedish National Heritage Board during 2016. Researchers: Ingrid Martins Holmberg & Katarina Saltzman, Department of Conservation.