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Atacama desert

Funding for network and research to CCHS colleague Håkan Karlsson

CCHS colleague Håkan Karlsson is co-organizer of a research network on the contemporary archaeology of the Atacamá desert, together with colleagues at Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile), funded by Comisión Nacional de Investigación Cientifica y Tecnológica (CONICYT).

The network entitled “International research network on contemporary archaeology studies in the Atacamá desert”, aims to strengthen the international collaboration between archaeologists in Chile and Sweden, working within the multidisciplinary research fields of Contemporary Archaeology and Critical Heritage Studies, through approaching the material and reasonably recent remains of mining activities, military events and political dictatorship in the Atacama Desert. It seeks to understand the archaeological as well as the sociopolitical cultural heritage nature of these remains, and how they can be recycled as cultural heritage for the future, within the frameworks of education and tourism, among others.

The network runs during 2020-2022.