Follow our researchers from Antarctica

Two scholars from the University of Gothenburg are on their way to Antarctica to document a research station raised during Otto Nordenskjöld’s polar expedition over a hundred years ago. Their work can now be followed through a blog.

The research team left Sweden on December 26th and is currently stranded in Buenos Aires due to a thawed landing strip at the Marambio base in Antarctica.

Jonathan Westin, research coordinator at the Centre for Digital Humanities, has taken this delay as an opportunity to study the historical photos of the winter station and has already started to work on the Virtual Reality model.
”While it is only a rough untextured sketch so far, when finished it will offer a photorealistic take on life in the hut in 1902-1903 with the Antarctic landscape as a backdrop” writes Westin on the blog.

In addition to Jonathan Westin, Gunnar Almevik from the University of Gothenburg also participates in the expedition. Follow them on the blog