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EuroPride - Panel Discussion on Homonationalism

During EuroPride 2018 the University of Gothenburg organises Forum for Norm Critical Research. The Forum is a popular science event where focus is on LGBTQ and norm critical research.

Homonationalism can be described as a phenomenon which is used by various political actors, including far-right parties. It tend to take advantage of gay right issues to convey a picture of nations under threat, usually from mass immigration or the presence of Muslims in Europe. How can the LGBTQ-community challenge homonationalism?

Participants: Katharina Kehl, University of Gothenburg, Ov Cristian Norocel, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Anna-Maria Sörberg, author of Homonationalism.
Venue: HDK, Kristinelundsgatan 6, Gothenburg
Time: August 16th, 12:30-14:00

Text by Inga-Bodil Ekselius