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Creative, Cultural and Social Entrepreneurship: IIE workshop on 12th November


Creative, cultural and social entrepreneurship are new areas of expression for entrepreneurship, which differs from the traditional focus upon business and profitability. Researchers at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) focus upon Schumpeterian entrepreneurship, where new opportunities are created over time and entrepreneurs take risks. In recent research, IIE has begun applying this type of thinking to creative industries as well as social innovation. Our research tradition can help enrich understanding of these important new types of activities as well as societal challenges.For this workshop, IIE brought together diverse researchers and also diverse theoretical background to discuss this important topic. Nine presentations were given and 21 participants.

Astrid Heidemann Lassen (Guest Professor, IIE), Erik Gustafsson (PhD student, IIE) and Maureen McKelvey (Professor, IIE) organized this workshop, supported by the Broman Foundation and the Sten A Olsson Foundation, programme on 'Radical Innovation for the Enhancement of the Swedish Economy'.

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