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This scholarship aims to encourage students and new alumni to take initiatives for activities, commitments and solutions that can lead to a positive impact on the environment and the climate.

Climate Scholarship for students and alumni


For the second time, we announce this scholarship for students who have done things for the climate and now want to do more. The Cornelius-Ernströmgruppen Climate Scholarship can be applied for by students at the advanced level and by new alumni.

Everyone has a responsibility to help reduce the negative impact on the climate, and with this scholarship, Pontus Cornelius, Ernströmgruppen and the School of Business, Economics and Law want to encourage students and alumni to continue acting for the climate.

The scholarship covers SEK 50,000 and can be applied for by a student or by a group of students. Students must be studying at the advanced level at the School of Business, Economics and Law. Alumni can also apply and must then have graduated from the advanced level at the school no later than three years ago. You must have addressed or done something earlier for the climate and now have an idea of how to go to further actions with the help of the scholarship.

Apply no later than 2 May 2023

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About the Cornelius-Ernströmgruppen Climate Scholarship

Ernströmgruppen is a corporate group in Gothenburg whose former President, Pontus Cornelius, addressed responsibilities for the climate issues in the group’s businesses.  As an acknowledgement to Pontus Cornelius’ climate engagement, Ernströmgruppen enabled the Cornelius-Ernströmgruppen Climate Scholarship and Pontus Cornelius’ wish is that the scholarship will be awarded to students at advanced level at the School of Business Economics and Law.