Four students with diplomas
Photo: Isac Lundmark

Celebrating their SMART Certification


SMART is a skills-development track on all our Bachelor's programmes. It consists of interactive workshops that enable students to better cope with their studies and become ready for work-life. It is given in collaboration with coaches from Career Service at the School.

SMART Jurist is the track for the students at the Department of Law – lecturer Martin Amnell is one of the organisers.

Martin, what is SMART Jurist?

SMART Jurist is a voluntary skills-development track that runs parallel to the law program. The focus is on personal and professional development. It involves two to three workshops with corresponding reflection exercises per semester during the first five semesters of the Law Programme.

Can you give some examples of content at SMART?

During the first semester, we train student abilities to navigate law databases, their teamwork skills, and study techniques. Later, we dive into presentation techniques, inspirational panels with alumni, motivation and goal-setting self-leadership, and career management.

What do you learn at SMART Jurist?

Apart from increasing competence in various professional skills, our students have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and its practical applicability. We also require participants to give feedback on each others’ reflections, which is an important aspect of building a good culture and collegiality in the Programme.

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