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AgeCap annual meeting: Multidisciplinary collaborations yield new knowledge


Within AgeCap there are 20 joint research projects over the faculty borders and 14 different institutions at the University of Gothenburg uses data from the population studies.On the 13th of December AgeCap had its annual meeting to summarize the past year as well as to look forward. The theme of 2018 was possibilities and challenges connected to multidisciplinary research.

Director of AgeCap Ingmar Skoog presented a review of the past year and the vision for the future. Hanna Falk and Ulrika Lagerlöf Nilsson then gave us insight into the work with our anthology about capability on agein. The book, Capability on ageing- from cell to society, will demonstrate the different perspectives of the capability concept. A variety of disciplines describe how their field is connected to the capability concept, that is, people’s capacity to perform actions in order to reach the goals they find valuable. The idea is to show the width of how to use capability as a concept and theoretical framework in studies on ageing and health.

Share your knowledge

Lotta Dellve introduced the topic multidisciplinary collaborations, explaining that in order to achieve the best results you need to share your knowledge and be truly interested in the competencies of your colleagues.
Then Lotta Dellve, Ewa Wikström, Theresa Westgård, Ulrika Lagerlöf Nilsson, Hanna Falk, Annika Bergström, Anna Dunér and our new co workers at the IT Faculty -Alexandra Weilenmann and Olof Torgersson – showed examples of multu disciplinary projects within Agecap, like Lexliv, who studies how working life affects ageing, age management and the capability of organisations.

New knowledge and respect

During a panel discussion about possibilities and challenges connected with multidisciplinary collaborations the researchers stated that it’s rewarding because of the new knowledge, gained respect for other disciplines and a new understanding of your own competence, even though there are multiple challenges both on a structural and an individual level.

International collaborations

The winners of the Carin Mannheimers Award for junior researchers, Madeleine Mellqvist Fässberg, Angela Bångsbo och Gabriella Sandstig, then presented their research projects.
Our communication officer Ragnhild Larsson gave a talk about how you can use digital storytelling to communicate research in a new way.
Finally Boo Johansson, Ingmar Skoog, Lotta Dellve and Marie Kivi presented AgeCaps international collaboration projects and welcomed the audience to attend the upcoming conference IAGG-ER, the 23 to the 25 of May in Gothenburg.