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GCGD publications from 2009-2020.


  • Dick Durevall (2020).
    Fairtrade and Market Efficiency: Fairtrade-Labeled Coffee in the Swedish Coffee Market ISSN: 2227-7099, GUP 291984
  • Harriet Gray; Maria Stern; Chris Dolan (2020).
    Torture and sexual violence in war and conflict: The unmaking and remaking of subjects of violence ISSN: 0260-2105, GUP 286311
  • Arne Bigsten (2020).
    Svenska företag i Afrika ISSN: 0345-2646, GUP 290477
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2020).
    After Liberal Global Democracy: New Methodology for New Praxis ISSN: 1674-0750, GUP 280961


  • Swati Parashar; Ravi Dutt Bajpai (2019).
    India in the ‘Asian century’: Thinking like a hegemon? , GUP 289084
  • Swati Parashar; Jane L. Parpart (2019).
    Rethinking Silence, Voice, and Agency in Contested Gendered Terrains, GUP 289099
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    Research Brokers, Researcher Identities and Affective Performances: The insider/Outsider Conundrum ISSN: 1369-8249, GUP 284836
  • Johannes Theodor Aalders; Elizabeth Olsson; Swati Parashar (2019).
    Why we blog and you should too! , GUP 286407
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    This is a war on women, GUP 289078
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    Don’t blame the mandate, GUP 289081
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    The Gendered Grammar of Modern States and Why it Matters, GUP 289085
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    Famines, Gendered Violence, and Nation-building: The Australian Experience, GUP 289086
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    #MeToo: More than Social Media Confessions, Less than a Movement for Gender Justice? GUP 289088
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    The #MeToo Movement and Postcolonial Feminist Dilemmas: Reflections from India, GUP 289091
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    Rescuing Gandhi from multiple appropriations, GUP 289087
  • Swati Parashar; Ravi Dutt Bajpai (2019).
    Gopaldas ‘Neeraj’: The Romantic Rebel , GUP 289077
  • Swati Parashar; Prabha Rani (2019).
    Why Zaira Wasim’s actions have far-reaching consequences for young Muslim women, GUP 289079
  • Swati Parashar; Jane L. Parpart (2019).
    Introduction: Rethinking the Power of Silence in Insecure and Gendered Sites, GUP 289095
  • Swati Parashar; Anju Oseema Maria Toppo (2019).
    Silence and Indigenous Women’s Resistance: Jani Shikar Among the Adivasis of Jharkhand, GUP 289092
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    The WPS "Agenda": A Postcolonial Critique, GUP 289125
  • Swati Parashar (2019).
    Lily Ling: A Life of Courage and Compassion, GUP 289089
  • Maria Stern (2019).
    Courageously critiquing sexual violence: responding to the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize ISSN: 0020-5850, GUP 285369
  • Håkan Thörn; Cathrin Wasshede; Pernilla Hagbert; Henrik Gutzon Larsen (2019).
    Co-housing, sustainable urban development and governance: An Introduction, GUP 286630
  • Håkan Thörn; David Scheller (2019).
    Autonomy vs. Government: Consequences for sustainability in co-housing, GUP 286635
  • Håkan Thörn; Cathrin Wasshede; Pernilla Hagbert; Henrik Gutzon Larsen (2019).
    Constraints and possibilities forco-housing to address contemporary urban and ecological crises: A conclusion, GUP 286633
  • Göran Sundqvist; Håkan Thörn; Jonas Bertilsson (2019).
    Det globala klimatarbetet och det medborgerliga inflytandet , GUP 282889
  • Håkan Thörn (2019).
    Revolution as a politics of time-space: From Enlightenment Modernity to Advanced Globality, GUP 286447
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2019).
    Legitimacy in Global Governance: A Cornerstone for Manageable Global Development, GUP 286320
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2019).
    Sources of Legitimacy in Global Governance ISSN: 2542-0240, GUP 285948
  • Jan Aart Scholte; Jonas Tallberg; Lisa Dellmuth; Soetkin Verhaegen (2019).
    Ledare mer positiva till internationellt samarbete än förväntat , GUP 285949
  • Kaymarlin Govender; Sean Beckett; Wilfred Masebo; Carla Braga; Pemberai Zambezi; Marcia Manhique; Gavin George; Dick Durevall (2019).
    Effects of a Short Message Service (SMS) Intervention on Reduction of HIV Risk Behaviours and Improving HIV Testing Rates Among Populations located near Roadside Wellness Clinics: A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique ISSN: 1573-3254, GUP 277598
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2019).
    Civil Society and Global Governance: Exploring Transscalar Connections ISSN: 2047-7414, GUP 283748
  • Maria Stern; Joakim Öjendal (2019).
    Peace through Security-Development: Nebulous Connections, Desirable Confluences? GUP 284468
  • Lisa Maria Dellmuth; Jan Aart Scholte; Jonas Tallberg (2019).
    Institutional sources of legitimacy for international organizations: Beyond procedure versus performance ISSN: 0260-2105, GUP 280704
  • Harriet Gray; Maria Stern (2019).
    Risky dis/entanglements: Torture and sexual violence in conflict ISSN: 1354-0661, GUP 280412
  • Maria Stern (2019).
    Horizon Scan: Critical security studies for the next 50 years ISSN: 0967-0106, GUP 283045
  • Sverker Lindblad; Daniel Pettersson (2019).
    Science Speaks to Society? Arguments for Research Relevance and Validity in International Large-Scale Assessment Publications, GUP 279705
  • Daniel Pettersson; Sverker Lindblad; Thomas Popkewitz (2019).
    Education Governance by Numbers. , GUP 278616
  • Dick Durevall; Annika Lindskog; Gavin George (2019).
    Education and HIV incidence among young women in KwaZulu-Natal: An association but no evidence of a causal protective effect, GUP 278292


  • Swati Parashar (2018).
    The Postcolonial/Emotional State: Mother India's Response to Her Deviant Maoist Children, GUP 289100
  • Swati Parashar; J. Ann Tickner; Jacqui True (2018).
    Introduction: Feminist Imaginings of 21st Century Gendered States, GUP 289101
  • Dick Durevall (2018).
    Våld i nära relationer - ett ämne för nationalekonomer ISSN: 0345-2646, GUP 291903
  • Swati Parashar; J. Ann Tickner; Jacqui True (2018).
    Revisiting Gendered States – Feminist Imaginings of the State in International Relations, GUP 289096
  • Swati Parashar (2018).
    Terrorism and the postcolonial ‘state’, GUP 269928
  • Swati Parashar (2018).
    Discursive (in)securities and postcolonial anxiety: Enabling excessive militarism in India ISSN: 0967-0106, GUP 264324
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    Gender and resistance in Kashmir: old paradigms, new approaches ISSN: 1461-6742, GUP 275666
  • Swati Parashar (2018).
    Competing masculinities, militarization and the conflict in Kashmir ISSN: 1461-6742, GUP 275831
  • Swati Parashar; Anju Oseema Maria Toppo (2018).
    Patthalgarhi challenges the Republic in its own backyard, GUP 289113
  • Swati Parashar (2018).
    The ‘Gharwapasi’ of Padma Bhushan Father Camille Bulcke , GUP 289115
  • Swati Parashar (2018).
    Development’s new ally in tribal India: Sabka Vikaas, Sabka Vivaah , GUP 289117
  • Swati Parashar; Bina D'Costa (2018).
    Why are children’s bodies battlefields of communal and family wars? , GUP 289112
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2018).
    Democracy, GUP 274901
  • Maria Eriksson Baaz; Harriet Gray; Maria Stern (2018).
    What Can We/Do We Want to Know? Reflections from Researching SGBV in Military Settings ISSN: 1072-4745, GUP 276795
  • Maria Eriksson Baaz; Maria Stern (2018).
    Knowing Masculinities in Armed Conflict?: Reflections from Research in the Democratic Republic of Congo, GUP 276801
  • Håkan Thörn (2018).
    Health and Global Governance: The Case of Development Cooperation on HIV/AIDS, GUP 276090
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2018).
    Internet Governance, GUP 274941
  • Carl Cassegård; Håkan Thörn (2018).
    Toward a postapocalyptic environmentalism? Responses to loss and visions of the future in climate activism, GUP 269430
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2018).
    Global Governance 2030, GUP 274307
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2018).
    Global Governance 2030, GUP 272471
  • Jan Aart Scholte; Jonas Tallberg; Karin Bäckstrand (2018).
    Introduction: Legitimacy in Global Governance, GUP 272468
  • Jan Aart Scholte; Jonas Tallberg (2018).
    Theorizing the Institutional Sources of Global Governance Legitimacy, GUP 272469
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2018).
    Social Structure and Global Governance Legitimacy, GUP 272470
  • Jan Aart Scholte; Jonas Tallberg; Karin Bäckstrand (2018).
    Legitimacy in Global Governance: Sources, Processes, and Consequences, GUP 272467
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2018).
    A Transcultural Future? , GUP 272466
  • Dick Durevall (2018).
    Cost pass-through in the Swedish coffee market ISSN: 0165-1587, GUP 269818
  • David Scheller; Håkan Thörn (2018).
    Governing ‘Sustainable Urban Development’ Through Self‐Build Groups and Co‐Housing: The Cases of Hamburg and Gothenburg ISSN: 0309-1317, GUP 269530
  • Arne Bigsten (2018).
    Är globaliseringen hållbar? ISSN: 0345-2646, GUP 270617
  • Marysia Zalewski; Paula Drummond; Elisabeth Prugl; Maria Stern (2018).
    Sexual Violence Against Men in Global Politics, GUP 267697
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    Biståndet kan enkelt effektiviseras , GUP 267848
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    Introduction: sexual violence against men in global politics, GUP 267703
  • Jan Aart Scholte (2018).
    Civil Society and NGOs, GUP 265963
  • Anna Stavrianakis; Maria Stern (2018).
    Special issue on Militarism and security: Dialogue, possibilities and limits ISSN: 0967-0106, GUP 263795
  • Anna Stavrianakis; Maria Stern (2018).
    Militarism and security: Dialogue, possibilities, and limits ISSN: 0967-0106, GUP 263792
  • Arne Bigsten (2018).
    Determinants of the Evolution of Inequality in Africa ISSN: 0963-8024, GUP 261994


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    When women are branded as witches and brutalized, GUP 289123
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    Combatants for Life: Women LTTE Cadres, GUP 289121
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    Feminist Foreign Policy: The South Asia Conundrum, GUP 289129
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    Lording it over the bastion, GUP 289124
  • Swati Parashar (2017).
    The case for colonialism raises an academic furor, GUP 289118
  • Swati Parashar (2017).
    Hyper masculine ire is reserved for women who dare challenge orthodoxies, GUP 289120
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    Polycentrism and Democracy in Internet Governance, GUP 254800
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    Towards Global Redistribution, GUP 266671
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    Whither Development Economics? , GUP 259199
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    Importing High Food Prices by Exporting, GUP 250424
  • Dick Durevall (2017).
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