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where the rivers meet

Culture and languages

Students from the Bachelor's Programme in Fine Art, second year, take on the city of Vänersborg as their theme. The exhibition is a collaboration between HDK-Valand, the University of Gothenburg and Vänersborg Konsthall.

26 Apr 2024 - 25 May 2024
Vänersborgs konsthall, Kungsgatan 15

Twelve second-year students from the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme have interpreted and been inspired by the city and place of Vänersborg.

The students have visited and been introduced to a number of different places in the community. Places that give Vänersborg its unique characteristics as well as those that equate it with other cities in the country. Vänersborg Museum, Stora Biografen and Skräckleparken have been some of the places they have visited.

In their artistic practice, the students have detected parts of what constitutes the essence of Vänersborg. The artworks they produced during the spring and you present in a joint group exhibition highlight both local and global existential and humanitarian issues in subjects such as nature, history, myths and social issues.

Opening hours
Vernissage Friday 26 April at 18-20 
Tuesday - Thursday 12-18 pm
Saturday 11-15

Participating students:
Adam Svensson
Alice Lindh
Beverly Jo
Joel Arvidsson
Melissa Johansson
Mia Borstrand
Mina Stokke
Nika Samed-Zade
Ruth Waters
Shawn Vieron
Stina Eriksson
Xie Jiahao

Participating teachers: 
Behjat Omer Abdulla
Kjell Caminha