Photo: Camilla Brudin Borg

Walking Wisdom: A Practical Exploration of Pedagogical Strides

Sustainability and environment
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Society and economy
Education and learning

Seminar at Jonsered Manor & Walkshop in Bokedalen Nature Reserve.

26 Apr 2024
09:00 - 15:30
Jonsered Manor, William Gibsons väg 19, Jonsered
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Jonsered Manor & Department of literature, history of ideas and religion at the University of Gothenburg in collaboration with One by Walking

Walking methods are gaining recognition in various educational contexts today. They sustain creativity and embodied cognition towards socio-ecological sustainability. How do these methods operate? Let’s step into nature, and with examples and hands-on experiences into the diverse applications of walking methods in pedagogy.

How can we recognize the centrality of landscape, both as a driver of change and as something affected by it? How do people move within a particular area because they are attracted to that very landscape, while at the same time reshaping it? We explore these and other questions on site. With example from walks through the paradoxes of nostalgia and rural gentrification at Gotland, and with specially designed activities in Bokedalen Nature Reserve to explore walking as a powerful pedagogical tool.

Simon Poole Associate Professor of Cultural Education at the University of Chester, UK, and Guest professor at the University of Gothenburg 2024, Camilla Brudin Borg Senior Lecturer, Department of literature, history of  ideas, and religion at the University of Gothenburg, convener of One by Walking network, and Hanna Åberg researcher, the Horizon Europe project TRIGGER, at the University of Lund.

Workshop involves hiking approximately 5 km. Participants are required to bring their own packed lunch. Coffee will be served at Jonsered Manor at the end of the day.


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