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Pint of Science festival

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The Pint of Science festival aims to deliver interesting, fun, relevant talks on the latest scientific research in an accessible format to the public – all in the pub!

13 May 2024 - 15 May 2024
Several different pubs in central Gothenburg

Good to know
Limited number of seats at each event.
All program points are free, but you need to book a ticket.
University of Gothenburg

During three days, talks are organized with several researchers from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology at various bars around Gothenburg!

May 13 

Bark, Artic, Amazonia and space

During Pint of Science first evening it will be four lectures which has the following subject headings: 

How tundra plants responding to rapid climate change, and what this means for the rest of the planet

Lizards and Amphisbaenas from the Marajó Archipelago, Pará, Brazil: a view of different diversities of the biggest fluvial system in the world

Surprise talk about astronomy 

Microbial deconstruction of bark

Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel

May 14

From the hive to the galaxy
During the second evening Pint of Science will move to Pitcher´s in Majorna. Here you have opportunity to listen to two lectures about How to catch a liar: Science and myths and From the Hive to the Lab: Exploring the Potential of Honey Yeasts. 

Pitcher's Majorna

May 15

Brain & artificial inteligence
The last evening will also be on Pitcher´s in Majorna where you will have opportunity to listen to four lectures which has the following subject headings: 

Rewiring the brain: how learning new skills changes our brain

Living with More than One Language – The Effects of Bilingualism on Mind and Brain

Yes, AI can do that but… should it? 

Coding for life: computers and biology

Pitcher's Majorna

For tickets to each evening please click on each program point.