dried out trees in a desert
Photo: Peter Burdon

Migration, Development, and the Environment: theory and some multi-level evidence from the MIGNEX project

Sustainability and environment
Society and economy

Welcome to an open lecture with Mathias Czaika, Professor in Migration and Integration at Danube university.


Mathias Czaika, Professor in Migration and Integration and Head of the Department for Migration and Globalisation at Danube University, Krems, Austria.
School of Global Studies and Centre on Global Migration


This lecture delves into the intricate relationship between migration and development in the context of environment change and degradation. We discuss migration processes and complex driver configuration both conceptually and based on a meta-analysis of multiple empirical studies, engage with micro-level migration decision-making concepts and draw from empirical evidence gathered through the MIGNEX project. The lecture will highlight key findings, methodological approaches, and policy implications, providing a nuanced perspective on the dynamics shaping environmentally-induced migration patterns and dynamics. Through critical analysis and discussion, participants will explore how migration intersects with environmental stress, socioeconomic development, and individual decision-making processes, shedding light on both challenges and opportunities for sustainable policy interventions.

Further reading:

Soto Nishimura, A., & Czaika, M. (2023). Exploring Migration Determinants: a Meta-Analysis of Migration Drivers and Estimates. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 1-23.