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Hybrid seminar: How to utilise MAX IV in your Life Science research

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SciLifeLab, MAX IV, and ESS, have joined forces in a unique and powerful collaboration, called InfraLife, within life science. The goal is to provide better prerequisites for utilizing their large-scale research infrastructures across Sweden, also for sectors outside academia, such as the life science industry and healthcare sector. SciLifeLab Gothenburg invites you to join InfraLife & MAX IV in this seminar to hear how MAX IV can be utilized for your Life Science needs.

4 Mar 2024
15:00 - 16:00
Registration deadline
29 February 2024

Good to know
There will be a mingling session with coffee and cake served in the Academicum foyer, outside the lecture hall, between 14:30-15:00.
Registration is closed.

MAX IV is a national laboratory in Lund where we can study hierarchical materials on multiple length scales from millimeters down to nanometers. With 16 specialised beamlines, 7 of which have life science capabilities, you can see what your material consists of using spectroscopy, see how the atoms are arranged using scattering techniques or get multi-dimensional images of your material. These can be used for drug discovery and development, to determine underlying processes in health and disease, and in the study of materials used in both the Medtech and Biotech fields. InfraLife is a project which aims to maximise the benefits of Sweden’s large-scale research infrastructures - SciLifeLab, MAX IV and ESS - within Life Science for academia, industrial and healthcare users through its activities and connections.

Join InfraLife & MAX IV to hear how MAX IV can be utilized for your Life Science needs with representatives from the InfraLife project, the MAX IV Industrial Relations Office and MAX IV Beamline Scientist.

Organized by SciLifeLab Gothenburg

Figure with portraits of people presenting during InfraLife and MAX IV seminar