I bakgrunden ett svartvitt fotografi av varvet i Göteborg. Över står utställningens titel och tid för vernissagen.
Photo: Varvshistoriska föreningen

Hisingen - Hur hamnade vi här?

Culture and languages

The second-year students from BFA in Design interprets diverse archival materials from the National Archives (Riksarkivet) and the Institute for Language and Folklore. Together, they craft a unique exhibition that explores Hisingen's history.

12 Jan 2024 - 30 Apr 2024
Riksarkivet, Arkivgatan 9, Göteborg

Step into the captivating history of Hisingen through the exhibition Hisingen - Hur hamnade vi här? – a project by design students at HDK-Valand in collaboration with the National Archives and the Institute for Language and Folklore (Isof). These students have creatively explored archival material, producing unique artworks that breathe life into stories and events from Hisingen.

The exhibition not only aims to showcase the past but also, through design, sheds light on a new aspect of the archives. Here, archival material becomes a source of artistic inspiration and contextual understanding, allowing everyone to access material that may feel hidden in archives for many.

By allowing Isof and the National Archives to contribute their diverse perspectives, the exhibition creates a fascinating mosaic of Hisingen's history. Isof, documenting language and cultural heritage, and the National Archives, receiving preserved information from authorities, businesses, associations, and individuals, come together and are presented through art and design.

Welcome to Hisingen - Hur hamnade vi här? – an exhibition that not only tells stories from Hisingen but also provides visitors the opportunity to engage with the cultural heritage and archives of the future.

Vernissage: 12 jan 2024 18:00–20:00

The exhibition is available from January 12 to April 30

Mon: 10-13
Tue: 10-16
Wed: 10-16
Thurs: 13-19
Fri: 10-13

Instagram: @hisingen_designarkiv