Photo: Martin Hellström

Curious Chamber Players

Culture and languages

Students from the composition programme perform newly composed music through the group Curious Chamber Players.

28 Apr 2023
18:00 - 19:00
75 sek.

Academy of Music and Drama

Since its inception in 2003, Curios Chamber Players (CCP) has explored a wide repertoire of contemporary music - from complex scores to graphically notated aleatoric music, minimalism, noise, electronic music and improvisation. The group has experimented with time and space in both concerts and sound installations, and created unique performances in interaction with specific places and situations. Here they perform music by the students from the composition programme.



Aija Sillén: Te Deum - 50 hz
Ayane Furuki: The Smallest Unit
Emil Nilsson: Construction
Hannah Elisif Grandahl: Sleep Demons
Love Carbin: Lystra / Stilla
Pontus Carling: these bright lights have always blinded me
Simon Staréus Gustafsson: Miniatyr

Curious Chamber Players:

Hannah Törnell Wettermark – flutes
Dries Tack – clarinets
Anna Christensson – piano
Frederik Munk Larsen – guitar
Sofie Thorsbro Dan – violin
My Hellgren – cello
Rei Munakata – Conductor

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