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A collaboration between students from the music teacher programme and the composition programme, and the performing arts group Konstra.

27 May 2024
18:00 - 20:00
Free admission, tickets required

Academy of Music and Drama

This theatre production is the result of a collaboration with the ensemble Konstra. Konstra is part of Språng, a cultural organisation where people with different disabilities meet in their common interest in performing arts.

The performing artists in Konstra have contributed their own ideas about freedom, which were then developed in a co-creation process in the ensemble. As a further layer of co-creation, the second-year composer students have composed music for the show and the fourth-year music teacher students specialising in improvisation are performing it live on stage.

Freedom on or off?

What does freedom mean to you?

Or for me?

How do you see my freedom? And what kind of freedom?

Of the child?

Of relationships?

Of the individual?

The body?

Composer students at the Academy of Music and Drama:

  • Ella Eriksson
  • Nicole Rubinova
  • Darcy Lewis
  • Emil Alsenfors

Music teacher students School of Performing Arts and Music:

  • Alexander Lundstedt – saxophone
  • Arvid Wilhelmsson – guitar
  • Ilias Symeonidis – percussion.
  • Amanda Mattsson – vocals
  • Hilda Sundmark – vocals
  • Sanna Klarin – vocals

Performing artists in Konstra:

  • Adam Henriksson
  • Aina Wahlström
  • Anita Hägglund
  • Anna Berg
  • Cornelis Nilsson
  • Elsa Hanenbrant
  • Emma Hoffmann Nedergaard
  • Filippa Lund
  • Hannes Glavå
  • Kristian Dahl
  • Mads Bokar Bjerre
  • Natasha Johansson
  • Roxy Stening
  • Sara Jeanette Asp
  • Thea Ekholm Wretenby

Artistic directors for the performance:

  • Jenny Sandgren Wahlström, operational/artistic director Språng.
  • Anna Emilsson, operational/artistic director Språng
  • Frida Olofsson, deputy artistic director Konstra
  • Martina Almgren, lecturer in musical performance with a focus on improvisation at the Academy of Music and Drama