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Disclosure of data

How to access UGU data? Contact information, general information about the extraction process and application forms can be found on this page.

About the data set

The data set within the UGU project constitutes a valuable resource for the research community and for the education of students at different levels. Data are available on request for researchers, doctoral students and students at Swedish and foreign universities and colleges. There are restrictions on delivery to countries outside the EU. For students, the principle is that it is the supervisor who applies for access to data.


Inquiries about the data set are made by contacting the database manager via email or telephone. Disclosure of data takes place after a formal request by filling in a user agreement. The agreement must be accompanied by a description of the project and a list of desired variables.


Data may only be used in the project on which the order is based.

The client undertakes to refer to: Härnqvist, K. (2000). Evaluation through follow-up. A longitudinal program for studying education and career development. I C.-G. Janson (Red.), Seven Swedish longitudinal studies in behavioural science (s. 76-114). Stockholm: Forskningsrådsnämnden.

A copy of all publications and conference papers based on submitted data must be sent to the UGU project. In connection with publication, you should send an email with information about the reference.


University of Gothenburg, Department of Education and Special Education

The UGU project

Jan-Eric Gustafsson

Box 300, SE 405 30 Gothenburg

Statistics Sweden

In cases where the project needs data from other sources like register data from Statistics Sweden, the disclosure will take place in the following manner.

When the University of Gothenburg has approved the request, the request and project description are sent to Statistics Sweden for confidentiality testing.

If Statistics Sweden finds after confidentiality testing that data can be disclosed, data is delivered via Microdata Online Access - the system for external access to microdata at Statistics Sweden.


University of Gothenburg: Cost price, only cost for working hours and the surcharges and overheads that departments and universities impose.

Statistics Sweden: Additional costs arise according to the cost principle, and ordering additional data from Statistics Sweden may incur an additional cost. Be sure to request cost information. Observe that there are strong restrictions on data from Statistics Sweden when it comes to ordering from outside Sweden.