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Thanh Vi Son

About Thanh Vi Son

Senior Lecturer in English language education/didactics with the focus on linguistics.


I have a bachelor's degree in English and teacher education in English from Cantho University, Vietnam. I worked as an English teacher before having a master's degree in language and culture from Linköping University, Sweden, a master's degree in higher education pedagogical research and leadership from Kassel University, Germany, and a PhD in linguistics from Lund University, Sweden. I have taught and supervised in English linguistics at the university level and in the English teaching education program in Sweden to varying degrees.


Currently, I teach different courses in English linguistics and the English teaching education program both at the Department for Education and Special Education (IPS) and the Department of Languages and Literatures (SPL). I also supervise BA in English education with the focus on English linguistics at SPL, and Master theses in International Master's Programme in Educational Research at IPS.


As a linguist specialising in the teaching and learning of English, I am interested in English language learning and teaching from different contexts, a cross-linguistic perspective as well as from teachers’ and learners’ perceptions. Other research interests are grammatical aspects of second language acquisition (SLA), instructed SLA, form-focused instruction and language didactics, TESOL.

Completed research projects

The project investigated the interaction between teaching and learning of English in young language learners in Sweden and Vietnam. It thus brought together two perspectives – teaching and learning – that are seldom compared between cultural contexts. The main focus of the study was to examine procedural and declarative knowledge of English grammar, more specifically third person singular –s.