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Richard Nakamura

Senior Lecturer

Department of Business
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 610
40530 Göteborg

About Richard Nakamura

I am doing research on International Business studies with a special interest in Foreign direct investments, Cross-border mergers and acquisitions, East Asian business and management, East Asian industry (sector) studies, International Human Resource Management.

Research areas

  • International Business Studies, International Management and Organization, Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions, East Asian Business and Economics

Teaching areas

  • International Business, Organization and Leadership Theory, International HRM, Japanese and Chinese economy and business

Selected publications

Digital oases and digital deserts in Sub-Saharan Africa
Wentrup, Robert, Ström, Patrik, Nakamura, Richard
Journal of Science & Technology Policy Management, 7(1): 77-100., 2016

Chinese Acquiring Japanese: Motives and Patterns of Chinese Outward M&A to Japan
Ström, Patrik, Nakamura, Richard
Asia Pacific Management Review, 19(3): 299-320., 2014

Digitalisering och nya ekonomiska geografier
Wentrup, Robert, Ström, Patrik, Nakamura, Richard
Berg, L., Ivarsson, I., Lindahl, R., & Ström, P. (Eds.), Gränsöverskridande: Vänbok till Claes G. Alvstam, Centrum för Europaforskning vid Göteborgs universitet, Skrift nr 30, pp. 11-19., 2016

FDI in the post-EU accession Baltic Sea Region: A global or a regional concern?
Nakamura, Richard, Olsson, Mikael, Lönnborg, Mikael
Baltic Journal of Economics, 12(2): 89-108., 2012

Upp, ned, och upp igen? Om styrkan och potentialen i den japanska ekonomin
Nakamura, Richard, Ström, Patrik
Linus Hagström & Pia Moberg (Eds.) Japan Nu – Strömningar och perspektiv, 2nd edition, Stockholm: Carlssons förlag, pp. 186-207., 2015

Foreign investment and economic integration: Meat industry in the Baltic Sea Region
Poblete, Leon, Nakamura, Richard
Baltic Worlds, 6(3-4): 38-44., 2013

To Merge and Acquire When the Times are Good? The Influence of Macro Factors on the Japanese M&A Pattern
Nakamura, Richard
The ICFAI Journal of Mergers and Acquisitions, 2(2): 15-33., 2005

Online Services – An Equalising Force between the Global North and the Global South
Wentrup, Robert, Nakamura, Richard, Ström, Patrik
Globalisation and Services-driven Economic Growth: Perspectives from the Global North and South, Oxon : Routledge, s. 55-72, 2016

Crossing the Digital Desert in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does Policy Matter?
Wentrup, Robert, Xu, Emily, Nakamura, Richard, Ström, Patrik
Policy & Internet, 8:3, 2016