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41137 Göteborg
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About Onkar Kular

Onkar Kular’s work investigates how contemporary design practice, its processes, methodologies and outputs, can be used as a medium to engage with and question the understanding of cultural and popular issues. His work uses a range of different media, appropriate to the particular research project to include new objects, films, events, performances and installations, and is disseminated internationally through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, film festivals and publications. His work is in the collection of the CNAP, France.

Recent exhibitions include Crafting Narrative a Crafts Council Touring Exhibition, guest curated by Kular the exhibition investigated the role of narrative and narrative structures within the design and production of artifacts. In May 2014, he designed and curated The Citizens Archive of Pakistan, bringing together a variety of personal stories to critically revisit the history of the Partition today. Other notable exhibitions include Risk Centre, at Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm on constructed environments used for risk and safety education and I Cling To Virtue, with Noam Toran and Keith R. Jones, recently exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp which presented a mixed-media collection of objects, narrative texts and videos that reveal the intricate trajectories of the Lövy Singh clan, a fictional East London family of mixed descent.

Previous to his appointment at HDK, Onkar was a tutor on the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art. For a period of eight years, Onkar ran the experimental design programme Platform 13, an interdisciplinary platform that challenged and explored the use and impact of design within the developments of new technologies, political and economic systems, culture and society. Onkar Kular was a Stanley Picker Fellow in Design from 2014-2016 at Kingston Univerity, UK.

  • The Right to Design: Another Possible is

    Onkar Kular, Henric Benesch
    Röhsska - 2021-01-01

  • AIO Salong: Tänk om... en 1 % -regel för offentlig

    Onkar Kular, Adam James, Henric Benesch
    Rian Designmuseum - 2021-01-01

  • What if... a 1% rule for Public

    Onkar Kular, Henric Benesch
    Art Inside Out Journal - 2021-01-01

  • The Right to

    Onkar Kular, Henric Benesch
    PARSE - 2020-01-01

  • The Right to Design: A purposeful

    Onkar Kular, Henric Benesch
    Urgent Pedagogies - Formal and Informal Learning Environments: Iaspis/Konstnärsnämnden. 3 December 2019, Stockholm. Seminar - 2019-01-01

  • Talk of Schools: Royal Academy

    Onkar Kular
    Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK - 2019-01-01

  • Talk of Schools: A re-turn to design

    Onkar Kular
    Keynote: MDes Symposium - 2019-01-01

  • The Right to Design: A purposeful

    Henric Benesch, Onkar Kular
    The 3rd Biennial PARSE Research Conference (Nov 13-15 2019): Human - 2019-01-01

  • Research School(s): How Intra- Institutional Practices Make Public

    Henric Benesch, Onkar Kular
    Konstfack Research Week 2019 - 2019-01-01

  • Crafts Council Collections acquisition of The Politics of Shoes film and

    Onkar Kular
    Crafts Council 44a Pentonville Road Islington London N1 9BY - 2018-01-01

  • ‘When you exit the University you take that shit with you’ Intra-Institutional

    Onkar Kular
    Arter – Space for Art Tomtom Mahallesi, İstiklal Caddesi 211, Beyoğlu, İstanbul, Turkey - 2018-01-01

  • Twelve Tall Tales & the Politics of

    Onkar Kular
    From 22nd July – 29th August 2016 & Friday, May 13, 2016. 1. Exhibition Guest curated exhibition and presentation of two colloborative projects ’The Politics of Shoes’ with Dash Macdonald and ’I Cling to Virtue’ with Noam Toran. 2. Screening Screening of ’The Politics of Shoes’ at the Museum of Art & Design, New York - 2016-01-01

  • Snowflakes

    Onkar Kular
    Performance Lecture Decommisioned: Performance and Lecture at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London by Onkar Kular - 2016-01-01

  • Risk Centre

    Onkar Kular
    From 23.03.2016 to 21.08.2016 Exhibition: The Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland - 2016-01-01

  • Night School on

    Onkar Kular
    1. 01.07.2016 to 14.08.2016 Paths to Utopia: Somerset House Museum, East Wing Strand, London, UK & 2. 04.11.2016 to 11.12.2016 Climatic: Post Normal Design: Miller Gallery in Pittsburgh, USA - 2016-01-01

  • Stanley Picker Creators

    Onkar Kular
    17 October – 19th November 2016 1. Solo Exhibition Exhibition of work following a two-year resaerch fellowship at the Stanley Picker Gallery and Kingston University. 2. Curated Programme Curated programme of workshops, talks, educational events and happenings. The following is a small selection of the overall programme. Note: this does not include the programming that took place under the ’Open Use’ Policy.Wed, 19 October: 1. CONDITION OF CARE Workshop led by Jana Scholze (Associate Professor, Curating Contemporary Design) and Simon Fleury (V&A Conservator), who run the wider ‘The Duty of Care’ project 2. THE REPUTATION ECONOMY: ALESSANDRO GANDINI IN CONVERSATION WITH HEIDI SEETZEN The first of three SPCA curated evening talks, featuring Dr Alessandro Gandini (Lecturer in Digital Media Management and Innovation, King's College London) and Dr Heidi Seetzen (Senior Lecturer, Schools of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Kingston University).Thurs, 20 October: 3. NETWORKING EVENT FOR KINGSTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presentations and networking with local business representatives and Onkar Kular.Sat, 22 Oct: FRIENDS, FRIENDS Social media workshop based on friendship and care for the Kingston Young Carers group. Workshop led by Onkar Kular.Mon, 24 October: DOING SOCIOLOGY OF CREATIVE SOCIETY: WHERE ARE CREATIVE PRACTICES LOCATED? Department of Criminology and Sociology: Creative Societies Module Introductory lecture by module leader Dr Egle Rindzeviciute (Lecturer Criminology Sociology, School of Social and Behavioural Sciences), followed by guided tour of the exhibition by Onkar Kular.Wed, 26 October, 17:00 – 19:00: WHAT IT MEANS TO WORK Please join us for the second of three SPCA curated evening talk and discussion with Jack Self, moderated by Andrew Clancey (Professor of Architecture, Kingston University) & Onkar Kular .Thu, 27 October, 17:00 – 19:00: NETWORKING EVENT WITH KINGSTON YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS CLUB Thu, 27 October, 17:00 – 19:00 Networking event led by Kingston-area young entrepreneurs.Wed, 2 November, 13:00 – 17:00: SPOKEN WORD SOCIETY BRAINSTORMING SESSION Kingston University Spoken Word Society meet to set up the future activities of the group.Mon, 7 November, 11:00 – 13:00: LAUNCH OF 'PUBLICATION PROJECT' FOR FINE ART UNDERGRADUATES Workshop led by Mark Harris (Associate Professor in Fine Art, Kingston University).Wed, 9 November: NOTIONS ON THE CURATORIAL: A ROUNDTABLE Roundtable discussion with David Falkner (Director, Stanley Picker Gallery), Stella Bottai (Programme Curator, Stanley Picker Gallery), Jana Scholze (Associate Professor, Curating Contemporary Design), Onkar Kular (via Skype) and KU Curating Contemporary Design students. The discussion will consider how the term ‘curated’ is being ubiquitously used outside the traditional environment (coworking spaces as one example) of the gallery and connecting this to the core values of the exhibition – Collaboration, Sharing and Community. - 2016-01-01