Mirko Pasquini

Associate Senior Lecturer

School of Global Studies
Visiting address
Konstepidemins väg 2
41314 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 700
40530 Göteborg

About Mirko Pasquini

Mirko Pasquini, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor in Medical Anthropology at the School of Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg and affiliated researcher at the Centre for Medical Humanities at Uppsala University. His research interests combine hospital ethnography and primary care in Italy and Sweden, with a focus on health inequalities, healthcare governance, the social dynamics of attention, violence, trust and mistrust in care interactions.

Mirko’s current research project, “Mistrust in practice: an ethnography of suspicion in general medical practice in the aftermath of COVID-19”, funded by the Swedish Research Council, contributes to debates about the “crisis of trust” in the healthcare sector looking at Italy in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Mirko’s Ph.D. work “The Negotiation of Urgency: Economies of Attention in an Italian Emergency Room”, was awarded the annual Westinska Prize (2021) for outstanding dissertation by the Royal Society of Humanists at Uppsala University. A revised version of the book is currently under contract by Rutgers University Press.

Since 2018, Mirko is engaged in health workers’ training in “Structural Competency”, an innovative curriculum in social medicine originated at UC Berkley, in Sweden and Italy. He is also an active member of the Society for Medical Anthropology special interest group on “Teaching to health professionals”, a board member of the Swedish Anthropology Association (SANT) and coordinates the “Hospital Ethnography peer-meetings” within the Medical Anthropology Europe Young Scholars Network (MAYS).