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Mattias Agerberg


Department of Political
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 19
41123 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 711
40530 Göteborg

About Mattias Agerberg


PhD candidate at the Political Science department since the fall of 2015.

My dissertation project focuses on the relationship between democracy and good governance. The aim is to form a better understanding of how corruption affects democratic behavior and under what conditions democratic institutions can help curb corruption.

Other research interests include: Gender and corruption, institutions, quantitative methodology and political psychology.


Agerberg, Mattias, Helena Stensöta and Lena Wängnerud. 2015. “Why Women in Encompassing Welfare States Punish Corrupt Political Parties”, in Dahlström, Carl and Wängnerud, Lena (eds.) Elites, Institutions and the Quality of Government, Palgrave Macmillan

Working papers

PERSPECTIVES ON GENDER AND CORRUPTION: Gender differences in regard to corruption in Europe from an individual and institutional perspective, QoG Working paper series, 2014:14.

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