Maria Sundin

Senior Lecturer

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Origovägen 6 b
41296 Göteborg
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41296 Göteborg

About Maria Sundin


My research background is in astrophysics mainly having done numerical simulations of galactic dynamics. Since 2012 I also do research in sports & technology focussing on equestrian sports. My two different areas have also combined in a few papers on space sports.

Education is very important to me and among my merits is the indivudual pedagogical prize of the University of Gothenburg in 2012. I teach several popular and interdisciplinary astronomy courses at the Univeristy of Gothenburg and I have started a course in equestrian sports & physics.

Outreach is another main part of my activities and I regularly do radio, TV and comment on astronomy for the press. On the 10th of December in 2017, I had the great honour to comment on the Nobel prize in physics for the Swedish TV.

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