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Jhonnie Mikael Kern

Doctoral Student

Department of
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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Box 650
40530 Göteborg

About Jhonnie Mikael Kern

Doctoral Candidate in Private Law with focus on Maritime Law.

My research field is primarily within the private law aspects of maritime law with focus on shipwrecks and wreck removal. Thus my interests especially lie in wet shipping matters and their connection with private law.

More specifically the project concerns wreck removal and the contractual processes involved when removing wrecks as well as questions of liability. As the salvage and wreck removal industry has become more and more advanced, the cost of wreck removal has also risen rapidly. At the same time, there are various legal questions related to wreck removal that are uncertain concerning e.g. liability issues. The contracting processes involved when removing wrecks also tend to be complicated. The project deals with these matters. 

I lecture in private and maritime law on the law program.

Holds a Master of Laws from the University of Gothenburg. Previous legal experience includes, among other things, working as an editor for the largest law review in Sweden, Juridisk Publikation, as well as a summer internship at the district court of Gothenburg.

Main supervisor for the project is Claes Martinson.

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Research areas

  • Private Law
  • Maritime Law

Teaching areas

  • Private Law
  • Maritime Law

Selected publications

Wreck Removal and the Nairobi Convention—a Movement Toward a Unified Framework?
Kern, Jhonnie
Frontiers in Marine Science, 3:11, s. 1-10, 2016

En svensk vrakrätt
Kern, Jhonnie
Svensk Juristtidning, :8, s. 597-620, 2016

Den internationella vrakkonventionen – en bakgrund och analys inför ett svenskt tillträde
Kern, Jhonnie
Juridisk Publikation, :2, s. 325-340, 2016