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Eva Maria Weinmayr

Associate Researcher

The Film, Photography and Literary Composition
Visiting address
Storgatan 43
41138 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 131
40530 Göteborg

About Eva Maria Weinmayr

My work focuses on feminist pedagogies, politics of authorship and forms of knowledge production and dissemination. My interest in forms of independent publishing and curatorial/editorial strategies led me in 2009 to co-found AND Publishing, a publishing platform based in London exploring the social, creative (and political) possibilities of the immediacy of print–on–demand and related new forms of dissemination.

My doctoral research Why Publish? looks at the correlation between production and dissemination of knowledge. Key topics are distributed authorship, imitation, citation, collectivity and versioning on one side and policy making, technology, institutional frameworks, such as politics of open access, metrics and audit on the other.  

Current projects include Library of Inclusions and Omissions is a reading room currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is a growing resource of materials, which is curated by the community, who is using it. Based on an open call I am collecting forgotten histories, intersectionalist practices, material that is still missing in our established libraries and databases, does not conform with the canon of Western, white, patriarchal academia, main-stream publishing, or is marginalised for other reasons. I developed an un-orthodox cataloging practice: each contributor briefly argues why they selected this specific material for sharing with others. It is a collection, where personal patronage for, and agency of a specific text, thought, articulation or struggle is shared. In which way is such a resource fundamentally different to institutional libraries? How can such a collection connect people, struggles and fields of knowledge within different communities?

Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy? is a collective practice-based research into non-normative forms of learning and teaching inside and outside the university. I am part of a work group at Valand Academy, who has been collectively organising a three-day mobilisation (our term for academic conference) to investigate questions of diversity, equality, racism, critical whiteness, citation and feminist media from a feminist, queer and intersectional perspective. (Let’s mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?, Valand Academy, Gothenburg 12 – 14 October 2016)

The Piracy Project, a collaboration with Andrea Francke as part of the AND Publishing program (2011 - on going), is an exploration of the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy. It questions common sense assumptions about ownership, authorship and the implications policy development has had on the current debate around knowledge production and intellectual property. I work with academic institutions as well as art and activist spaces including SALT Istanbul, MayDay Rooms London, Printed Matter New York, Kunstverein Munich, Sideroom Amsterdam, Showroom London, Zacheta National Art Gallery Warsaw.

I have taught as Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins London (2007—) and London College of Communication, and have been Visiting Artist at Royal College of Art London, Chelsea College of Art London, OCAD Toronto, Royal Academy Den Haag, Edinburgh College of Art, Leipzig Art Academy and University of Arts Bremen.



Un dia en el juzgado in Imprentas Desobedientes, 2015. Co-written with Andrea Francke. Taller de ediciones economicas. Mexico DF, MX

Borrowing Poaching Plagiarising Pirating..., 2014. Co-edited with Andrea Francke. AND Publishing. London, UK

One Publishes to Find Comrades, 2014. The Visual Event, Spector Books, Leipzig, DE

Downing Street. Help David Cameron Likes my Art, 2014. Co-written with John Moseley and Titus Kroder. New Documents, Los Angeles, US

Wear your heart on your sleeve, 2014. Control Magazine, London, UK

The Piracy Project in conversation with Cornelia Sollfrank. Giving what you don’t have. 2014. On-line publication

The Impermanent Book in Best of Rhizome, 2012, 2013. Co-written with Andrea Francke. Link Editions, Publish on demand.

The Piracy Papers. 2012 – ongoing. Co-edited with Andrea Francke.  Published by AND Publishing. London, UK

The Impermanent Book, in Rhizome April, 2012. Co-written with Andrea Francke. On-line publication.

Art in Ruins and Unknown Stranger, London 1994, an unpublished project for Frieze, 2010. Occasional Papers, London, UK

Pause – 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins, 2010. Occasional Papers, London, UK

Water Found on Mars, 2006. Co-written with Gustav Metzger. Hatje Cantz, Stuttgart, DE

Suitcase Body is Missing Woman, 2005. Bookworks London, UK