Claes Annerstedt

Professor Emeritus

Department of Food and Nutrition and Sport Science
Visiting address
Läroverksgatan 5
41120 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Claes Annerstedt

Claes Annerstedt is teacher educated and has worked with education in school and higher education throughout his professional life. He is currently professor emeritus in sports science at the University of Gothenburg and has his workplace at the Center for Health and Performance Development (CHP) at the School of Sport Science in central Gothenburg.

Annerstedt defended his doctoral thesis in pedagogy at the University of Gothenburg in 1991 with the dissertation "The physical education teacher and the PE subject. Development, goals, competence – a didactic perspective”. He has been study director and director of the Sports Academy, University of Gothenburg, and has held a variety of assignments within educational science, pedagogy and sports science. Annerstedt has also worked at Örebro University, been scientifically responsible for sports science at the University of Kalmar and been post-doc at the School of Human Movement Studies in Brisbane, Australia. Between the years 2009-12, Annerstedt was professor of physical education and pedagogy at the Norwegian School of Sport Science (NIH) in Oslo and 2012-2017 Head of Department at the Department of Food and Nutrition, and Sport Science, University of Gothenburg.

Research interests

Annerstedt has continuously devoted himself to the subject of Physical Education and Health, Didactics and Learning, as well as teacher training. He has also devoted himself to professional issues, comparative sports pedagogy and sports history. Today, his interest is mainly devoted to teaching and learning within sports, primarily elite sports.


Skiing, outdoor activities, tennis, golf, travel, nature experiences and meeting interesting people from all corners of the world! France also has a special place in Annerstedt´s heart and he often returns there.

Ongoing project

  • "Learning environments for deliberate and purposeful practice in teams". A praxis-related research project together with IFK Göteborg and Frölunda Hockey Club. Co-researchers: Berner Lindström, K. Anders Ericsson, Pär Rylander, Roger Gustafsson and Erik Lignell.
  • "Deliberate practice in youth (elite) football supported by digital technology". A praxis-related research project together with IFK Göteborg. Co-researchers: Berner Lindström, K. Anders Ericsson, Roger Gustafsson.
  • "IAAF and female Olympic sports".
  • "Female athletics, its organization and history".
  • "Sally Bauer - Female long-distance swimmer".
  • "Learning to become (a better) teacher in physical education and sports". Textbook project together with Petter Erik Leirhaug. This new book will be published during the 1st quarter of 2020!