AI Competence

AI Competence

AI Competence for Sweden is a government sponsored initiative to establish competence development course for the Swedish industry, public sector and society. The goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and competence for interaction, development and maintenance of Artificial Intelligence-based society of the future.

Our mission in AI Competence for Sweden

University of Gothenburg utilizes its wide competence and collaboration with all faculties to deliver courses, workshops and seminars in multiple domains. We provided competence development in the areas of:

  • AI and journalism – to learn how to utilize AI responsibly in contemporary journalism,
  • AI and law – to learn how to adopt AI to support our justice system,
  • AI and school – to learn how to using AI in schools to support student’s learning processes,
  • AI and medicine – to learn about the use of AI in pre-hospital care,
  • AI and ethics – to learn about ethical AI,
  • AI and natural language technology – to explore advances in natural language processing and AI, and
  • AI and policy-making – to learn how to change policies to enable wider and more responsible use of AI in society at large.

The competence development activities result in development of new courses and improvement of our education programs – all to keep the initiative economically sustainable over longer period of time.

The AI Competence for Sweden at University of Gothenburg is coordinated by the IT Faculty


The Swedish government launched the initiative in June, 2018. In the first phase, the initiative will be in progress during 2018 and 2019. AI Competence for Sweden is an initiative where seven universities collaborate with the goal to elevate the competence about artificial intelligence in academia and in industry.

University of Gothenburg is one of seven selected universities and has a strategic role in the development of Western Sweden’s competence in applying AI in all kinds of sectors and professions. 

Past events:

  • Responsible development and deployment of AI in organizations
  • Two-day symposium: Artificial Intelligence, Affective Computing and Games: Healthcare, Learning and Adaptive Interaction
  • Etik- och värdeutmaningar för AI i näringsliv, förvaltning och sjukvård
  • AI4Law/Law4AI - Incremental AI
  • AI in pre-hospital care
  • AI and Natural Language
  • AI och skolan - En halvdag för lärare och skolledare
  • Artificial intelligence in Journalism: Implications on practices, profession and competencies
  • Workshop #AI@GU - part 2
  • AI@GU workshop

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