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Keep in touch as alumni
Stay in touch with the University as alumni
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Have you studied at the University of Gothenburg? Then you are an alumnus or an alumna and welcome to join our network. Your experiences gained from working life and from the University are important for you and for us. That's why we want to stay in touch with you for mutual benefit.

Welcome to the alumni network

You become part of a valuable network of alumni in a variety of companies and workplaces, primarily in Western Sweden, several other parts of Sweden and globally in more than 80 countries. To date, more than 20,000 former students have joined the alumni network.

By keeping in touch with the university, you can take part of the continuous flow of new knowledge that research constantly generates, continue your lifelong learning and develop rewarding collaborations.

Welcome to sign up to the Alumni Network.

Your membership in the alumni network is free of charge.

You are important

Active alumni are valuable assets to our university. Knowledge about where you alumni end up in the labour market and your opinions about the education, can help us optimise our programmes and strengthen our external cooperation.

You are also important and greatly appreciate by our students, when you share your professional experiences since you graduated and the students get to know more about work life.

Sweden Alumni Networks

The University of Gothenburg’s alumni activities for English speaking alumni abroad are still under development, therefore we recommend the Sweden Alumni Networks supported by the Swedish Institute.

You can find local alumni networks all over the world that are open for anyone who have studied or researched in Sweden. Have a look in the calendar, sign up for notifications for alumni events and you can have a fika back home.

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News and events

Professional development and collaboration

Do you want to develop your knowledge and skills? The University of Gothenburg offers commissioned education to all sorts of businesses, public services and organisations.

The training we provide is scientifically based and is therefore continuously under development. Our teachers and researchers are part of both national and international networks.

As a part of your life-long learning, you can of course search from the ordinary range of courses and programmes if you need to update your skills, or considering changing profession and therefore need a new education. 

There are also many examples of fruitful collaborations and meeting places between our researchers and various organisations and businesses.

Benefits for our Alumni

As an alumnus or alumna from the University of Gothenburg, you can get a 20 percent discount on selected annual cards at Fysiken's locations in Gothenburg. You can train one week for free, except SEK 50 for the keycard.

In order to receive the discount you need to register in the alumni network, email your name and birth data to the alumni office and we will mail you an alumni certificate to show at the Fysiken's reception.

The discount includes:

  • an annual card for gym and group training at one of the gym – Fysiken Gibraltargatan or Fysiken Kaserntorget.
  • a multi-card that gives access to all Fysiken’s facilities for one year.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To become a member in the alumni network you can either use your Facebook inlog or click on this link and type in your email address. You will get a verification link to your email box, which will take you to the registration form. You are welcome to fill in your preferences, contact details, career information and subscribe to our electronic newsletter and events.

Please note that your e-mail address is extra important as communication takes place digitally.

Finally, you must tick that you agree that we process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To Processing personal data in the Alumni System.

NOTE! If you don't receive the email with the verification link within a few minutes, check your spam folder.

You do not need any inlog information. In this alumni system you always start with your email address and get a verification link every time, or use your Facebook inlog.

The information about your education and postal address we receive from the University of Gothenburg's study documentation system Ladok, which in turn comes from the Tax Administration's Address Register Navet.




PLEASE NOTE! The function for changing email address is being reworked, please contact us for help

If you want to change other information, log in with your Facebook account or type in your email address in the field "Enter email address" on the web site - You will receive a verification link to your email box.

Click on the verification link that leads to your alumni profile, where you can change profession, workplace, subscriptions, commitments and more.

In other words, you don't need any username or password to enter the alumni system. You always start by typing in your current email address in the box on the site above, and receive a new verification link to your inbox.


Active alumni are valuable assets to our university, and when you register in the University of Gothenburg Alumni Network you will be able to develop rewarding relations for all parts. By keeping your alumni profile up to date, you can tell us what you want to receive from us and in what way you want to be engaged.

You can receive information about education, research and professional development through a newsletter, and get invited to reunions, lectures and other events.

It is free of charge to join the alumni network.


The University of Gothenburg are interested in finding out about the occupation and workplace of the alumni, in order to allow their experiences to benefit current and future students in developing new programmes, courses and external relations.

Good relations with our alumni in their professional lives, may result in opportunities for work experience and placements, exam projects and collaborative research to our students.

Many universities and colleges have an alumni network intended to establish and enhance a lasting relationship of mutual benefit. Our alumni are important ambassadors for the University of Gothenburg and its future development, and it forms a vital part of the University’s relationship with the local community, business and society.

If you don't  remember or know the Swedish personal identity number that you were given as a student at University of Gothenburg, you can sign up with your date of birth followed by four zeros like this: yyyymmdd-0000



No, you cannot find any other alumni, because this alumni system is not a portal solution. In the former alumni database, it turned out that fewer and fewer alumni networked in the portal, and more and more alumni networked in social media - especially in Linkedin. Welcome to follow us in Linked in and find your mates.

To the University of Gothenburg in Linkedin.

As a public authority University of Gothenburg is subject to the Principle of Public Access to information. This means that the data in the alumni system is not protected by secrecy.

If you do have protected personal data, you already know that you should be careful about disclosing information about yourself.

If you still want to sign up to receive for example e-newsletters and e-invitations from us, you have to contact the alumni office, so that we can mark that your home address is protected and other necessary markings. This also applies to you who have received protected personal data after you registered in the alumni system.

Alumni cannot see each other's data and  information in the alumni system. It is only alumni administrators at the University of Gothenburg who have access to the system.

Note! Contact the alumni office if you have protected personal data - and +46 31 786 6902/03

Alumni are former students of a university. The word "alumni" is the masculine plural form of "alumnus", meaning "pupil" or "nurseling", from the Latin "alere", which means "nourish", "nurse" or "foster". The feminine forms are the singular "alumna" and the plural "alumnae". In English "alumni" tends to be used as a generic term incorporating the masculine and the feminine.

In most cases alumni are former students and doctoral students who have an undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral degree or at least 60 hp from the University of Gothenburg, which includes earlier colleges that have been incorporated in the University over the years.

If you no longer want to be a part of the alumni network, you just email your name and your birth data (YYYYMMDD) to and we will remove you from the alumni system.