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To apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg you have to register
an account in our recruitment system, answer the questions asked, and
attach the requested appendices.

Please note that your application must be submitted no later than 23.59 hours
(GMT+1) on the specified deadline date.

If you have questions about the advertised position, please contact any of the
contact persons in the specific announcement.

Should you encounter technical problems in connection with your registration
or when submitting your application, please contact rekrytering@gu.se


Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Senior Lecturer in conservation with specialisation in landscape conservation crafts2018-05-15Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1110
Senior Lecturer in conservation with specialisation in traditional building crafts2018-05-15Permanent employmentPAR 2017/702
Guest lecture2018-04-09Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/374
Lecturer in conservation with specialisation in traditional building crafts2018-04-10Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1469
Postdoctoral in Computer Science, focusing on formal methods, security and privacy2018-04-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/370
Post-doc: Testing for parallel ecological speciation and its contribution to Amazonian megadiversity2018-04-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/5
Lecturer in Computer Science2018-04-05Permanent employmentPAR 2018/258
Senior lecturer in conservation with specialisation in conservation science 2018-04-09Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1468
Associate Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry2018-04-24Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/34
Research assistant2018-04-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/378
Doctoral position in NMR-based Structural Biology2018-04-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/371
Researcher2018-04-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/373
Assoicate researcher to The Department of Politicial Science and GLD2018-03-22Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/357
Position in the PhD Program in Economics - Financial Economics2018-04-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/364
Database Manager2018-03-27Permanent employmentPAR 2018/223
Postdoctoral fellow in Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology2018-04-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/360
Postdoctoral fellow in Medical Biochemistry/Mucin Biology2018-04-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/343
PhD student in Psychology:Teach or fight fires? The consequences of perceived resource scarcity on teachers' cognition, collegiality, innovative behaviors and stress2018-04-09Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/220
PhD student in Psychology: Gothenburg Longitudinal study of Development (GoLD) 2018-04-09Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/355
Assistant Researcher to V-Dem Institute2018-04-03Permanent employmentPAR 2018/271
Funded PhD position in Natural Language Processing (one or more) 2018-04-16Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/332
Researcher2018-04-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/331
Doctoral student position in informatics2018-03-22Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/260
Doctoral student in Public Administration with focus on Organisation, Management and Society2018-04-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/313
PhD student in Computational Biology2018-03-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/261
Postdoctoral fellow in Mitochondrial DNA replication2018-03-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/239
Postdoctoral Researcher2018-03-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/233
Doctoral student in Public Administration with focus on Democracy, Politics and Administration2018-04-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/311
Doctoral student in Public Administration with focus on Management Control (inter-municipal cooperation)2018-04-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/312
Researcher in polar oceanography/climate model analyses2018-03-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/232
Researcher - in electric field activated protein structural dynamics2018-03-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/319
PhD student in chemistry with emphasis on combustion-related research: new technology for negative CO2 emissions2018-04-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/305
PhD student in chemistry with emphasis on biomass gasification research2018-04-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/307
Research Coordinator2018-04-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/1249
Researcher in physics with focus on molecular and magnetoplasmonic nano-optics2018-03-27Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/185
Researcher2018-03-26Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/278
Senior Lecturer in Nursing with specialization in Anaesthesia Care, PAR 2018/2922018-03-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/292
Senior scientist position: Cellular Aging in Yeast using 3D Electron microscopy2018-04-01Permanent employmentPAR 2018/157
Doctoral position in Theoretical Philosophy2018-04-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/300
Associate Researchers to the Department of Political Science2018-03-25Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/281
Researcher2018-03-22Permanent employmentPAR 2018/279
Researcher in Anthropogenic biases in macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns in birds2018-04-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/170
Lecturer in Health Care Sciences, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech and Language Pathology or Audiology, with assignment within Clinical Skills Training Centre (CSTC) 2018-03-21Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1634
Researcher in Medicinal Chemistry2018-03-20Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/51
Researcher integrating past and future models to mitigate the impact of global change on Biodiversity2018-04-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/1582
Researcher AgeCap2018-03-19Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/181
Two Postdoctoral Positions in Computational Biology PAR 2018/2662018-04-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/266
PhD student in innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual capital management2018-03-19Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/776
PhD students in Economic History2018-04-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/142
Postdoctoral fellow in molecular virology2018-04-13Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/195
Early-Stage Reserarchers/PhD Candidates in Education2018-04-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/126
Postdoctoral Researcher in Logic2018-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/1510
Postdoc in European Research (1-2 positions)2018-03-25Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/14

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