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Job opportunities - About the University, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Till startsida
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To apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg you have to register
an account in our recruitment system, answer the questions asked, and
attach the requested appendices.

Please note that your application must be submitted no later than 23.59 hours
(GMT+1) on the specified deadline date.

If you have questions about the advertised position, please contact any of the
contact persons in the specific announcement.

Should you encounter technical problems in connection with your registration
or when submitting your application, please contact


Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Research assistant2018-08-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1088
Researcher2018-08-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1084
Researcher2018-08-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1065
Postdoctor in Experimental diabetes research2018-08-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1081
Researcher2018-08-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1079
Postdoctor in Metabolic Physiology – Functionality of adipose tissue in metabolic regulation2018-08-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1057
Researcher2018-08-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1071
Researcher2018-08-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1074
Lecturer in Public health science oriented towards global health and health promotion2018-08-13Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1062
Associate Researcher to the Department of Political Science and V-Dem Institute2018-08-12Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1060
1-2 Post-doctoral researcher in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets2018-09-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/210
PhD student position in Medical Science - Neonatology focusing on brain injury2018-08-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1043
Postdoctoral Fellowship in cancer research2018-07-27Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1067
Visiting lecturer in Economics, Macro Economics2018-07-24Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1063
Visiting lecturer in Economics, Mathematical Economics2018-07-24Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1064
Researcher2018-07-27Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1059
Teaching Assistants in Innovation, entrepreneurship and management of intellectual assets2018-08-20Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1009
1 to 2 PhD student/s in innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual capital management2018-09-03Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/152
Assistant in first level courses in organic chemistry2018-08-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1058
PhD student position in Medical Science - Neuroendocrine risk factors for gambling addiction2018-08-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1044
PhD student position in Medical Science - Development of MR-methods for low back pain2018-08-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/948
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specialisation Environmental Science/Physical Geography2018-09-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/973
PhD position in structural Biology/Biophysics2018-08-27Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1053
Researcher2018-07-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1056
Researcher2018-07-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1055
Senior Lecturer in Crafts with specialisation in Textile Art2018-09-05Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/982
Adjunct senior lecturers in Software Engineering2018-08-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1050
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specialisation Geography2018-08-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/976
Doctoral Student in Natural Science, specialisation Environmental Science/Physical Geography2018-09-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1022
Researcher2018-07-24Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/998
Researcher, Core Facilities2018-07-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1045
Assistant researcher/Researcher2018-07-31Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1039
Full Professor of Human Resource Management2018-09-14Permanent employmentPAR 2018/874
Researcher2018-07-23Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1040
Senior Lecturer in Communication (organizational)2018-08-30Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1027
Senior Lecturer in Communication (digitalization)2018-08-30Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1026
Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science (Artificial Intelligence specialization)2018-08-30Permanent employmentPAR 2018/1025
Associate Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering2018-08-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1028
Postdoctoral Fellow in statistics, data science2018-08-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1036
PhD student position in Medical Science - NK cells vs leukemia - a CRISPR approach2018-08-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/947
Researcher for the Research Project “External Funding of Regional Organizations in Africa”2018-07-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1014
Associate Senior Lecturer in Business Administration, Specialising in Marketing2018-09-09Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/868
Senior lecturer (1-2) in Business Administration with a specialisation in Leadership and Organisation2018-09-09Permanent employmentPAR 2018/869
Researcher for the Research Program “Legitimacy in Global Governance”2018-07-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1024
Senior Lecturer (two positions) in clinical nutrition oriented towards nutritional treatment PAR 2018/7982018-08-15Permanent employmentPAR 2018/798
Associate Senior Lecturer in molecular medicine with focus on gut mucosal biology and/or microbiome research2018-09-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/1002
Professor of Human Geography2018-09-17Permanent employmentPAR 2018/163
Professor in psychology of ageing/geropsychology2018-08-13Permanent employmentPAR 2018/523
PhD student position in Medical Science - Human iPSC-neuron based bipolar disorder modeling2018-08-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/946
Researcher in aquaculture-related fish physiology focusing on circular marine aquaculture systems2018-08-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/828
Postdoctor in sea cucumber farming biology2018-08-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/968
Principal Research Engineer- Time-resolved crystallography of phytochrome proteins2018-08-08Permanent employmentPAR 2018/784
PhD student in physical chemistry with a fokus on optical spectroscopy2018-09-12Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/940
Postdoctoral fellow in computational cancer genomics2018-08-12Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/936
Research Assistants2018-08-02Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/933
Post doctor in cultivation of extractive species in integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA)2018-08-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/928
Post doctor in co-cultivation of seaweeds with bivalves2018-08-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/782
PhD student in Systems Biology of Ageing in Yeast2018-08-20Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/912
PhD student position in Health Care Sciences - Measuring symptoms and experiences2018-08-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/884
Doctoral student in business administration, with specialisation in organising future sustainable energy systems2018-08-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/743
Full Professor in Medicinal Chemistry2018-08-06Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1125
Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry2018-08-06Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1223
Postdoctoral post in photography specially focused on experimental photo history2018-08-17Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/610

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