Filming during Vetenskapsfestivalen

The International Science Festival Gothenburg

Join the University of Gothenburg's participation in one of Europe's leading popular science events with about 70,000 visits annually. Every year, The International Science Festival Gothenburg creates a meeting place for knowledge, inspiration and new perspectives. The University of Gothenburg contributes with several exciting events at The International Science Festival Gothenburg, April 18-23 2023. The science festival is completely free and open to everyone!

The International Science Festival 2023

Public program: April 18-23
School program: April 17-28

Only our imagination sets the boundaries
As humans, we have always created and challenged boundaries. We have photographed black holes and overturned accepted truths, and research is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Artificial intelligence is approaching human levels of consciousness, and driverless cars will soon be a reality. We are knocking at the door of Mars. Boundaries are being erased on a daily basis. But no matter what we humans come up with, it always starts with a thought. Thoughts that are translated into ideas, great and small, and that lead to research and discoveries. But where is the boundary for thought? Is there even a boundary at all?