Twenty-First Century Television

Master’s level
15 credits (ECTS)
Study pace
Part of semester
Quarter 1 to 2


This course provides you with knowledge about television in the twenty-first century. We will examine the development of so-called quality television programs, reality-television shows, reality competition as well as para-televisual forms of programming such as the web series and vlogs. Particular attention will be paid to economic, aesthetic, and technological factors in the rise of multi-season serial formats, new types of narrative complexity, and modified realisms (aesthetic, psychological, reality television, etc.) shaping character construction.

This course is open to

Exchange students at the Department of Cultural Sciences, students at the Faculty of Humanities and exchange students on a university-wide agreement. Please contact your international coordinator at the University of Gothenburg if you need to know more.


Completed courses for a bachelor degree, or the equivalent. In addition to this, competence in English that equals English B/English 6.  

English proficiency

English B1, here is a link to the European Common Language Self-Assessment Grid.

This course can be combined with

Exchange students who want to do a full semester of Film Studies, and are eligible for the Master's level, can combine this course with the following courses:

Feminist Film Theory
7,5 credits

Archives and Moving Images: Converging Fields in Theory and Practice
7,5 credits


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More information

The course taught fully on campus.