Metal Art, continuation course

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30 credits (ECTS)
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Full education cost: 144 500 SEK
First payment: 144 500 SEK

No fees are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.

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This course offers intensive full-time studies in metal art for you who have prior knowledge at the university level or equivalent work experience and who want to develop further in the field. This package of standalone courses offered in English follows the second semester of the Bachelor's programme in Metal Design and takes place at HDK-Valand at Steneby in Dals Långed.


This course provides the opportunity for in-depth study of metal art for those who have prior knowledge at the university level or equivalent work experience and who want to develop further in the field. This semester of full-time studies follows the syllabus of the second semester of the Bachelor’s programme in metal art.

During the semester, you will work in one of the largest academic metal workshops in the world as you deepen your knowledge of materials and techniques in metal and apply them to your own design work. Our 1200-square-meter forge provides ample opportunities to explore different techniques based on tasks and themes founded on the concepts material, body, and space. Through lectures, application exercises with supervision, workshops, and tutorials, you will receive support for further developing your working methods and also for reflecting on your work and communicating your choice of methods both in writing and orally. You will gain in-depth knowledge of visual design, including the study of theory.

You will study in an international and unique environment: HDK-Valand Campus Steneby in Dals Långed, 170 kilometres north of Gothenburg. We have one of the largest academic metal workshop in the world, including a 1200-square-meter forge. 

Apply in three steps

  • Apply for the course at Deadline 16 October 2023.
  • Submit your portfolio SlideRoom. Deadline 23 October, 2023.
  • Submit documentation proving you meet the entry requirements of
    the course on Deadline 1 December, 2023.

Work samples / Portfolio

  1. CV, max 2000 characters.
  2. Letter of intent that describes your expectations of the course. Also describe
    what/who gives you inspiration, max 3000 characters.
  3. Present, by using images, an object in metal (large or small, contemporary or
    past) that made an impression on you. Note! no self-made item. Briefly tell in writing why you chose this object. Evaluate the form, expression, context, etc. 5-10 images.
  4. Hand drawings, sketches, paintings or life drawings (figure studies). 5-10 images.
  5. Images (photos, prints) of work/objects you have designed and made yourself, preferably in metal, work/objects made in other materials can also be uploaded. Write down the facts of the material you used,
    the size of your work and the year you made them, for each piece. 5-10

Your application must be anonymous. Please do not include your name or any personal information in your application.

Course structure
The course package is given with a study pace of 100% at Campus Steneby. The language of instruction is English.

A detailed schedule for the course will be published in the Learning Platform Canvas before the start of the course.

Prerequisites and selection


Metal Art, introductory course, 30 credits, or equivalent


The selection is based on submitted work samples.