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Master's programme of Conservation: Courses and content

The Master’s programme consists of a mandatory and elective courses. By combining courses offered by the Department of Conservation and elsewhere, students may design their own Master’s degrees.

The Master's Programme in Conservation begins with three compulsory courses offered during the first semester of the programme (autumn). The Department also offers a number of elective courses at the second-cycle level. If you want to deepen or broaden your knowledge within a specific field, and the field is not covered entirely by the available courses, you may take one or several individual courses.

Individual study plan

Each student in the Master’s Programme in Conservation is to establish an individual study plan (ISP) in consultation with the programme and specialisation coordinators.

The individual study plan contains information about the student’s time plan, specialisation and choice of courses and is to guide the student through his/her Master’s studies.

Establishment of the individual study plan is examined as part of the introductory course KUA400 Conservation and Sustainable Development.

You find the individual study plan at the Student portal 

Compulsory Courses

Year 1


Octile 1

Octile 2

Octile 3-4


Octile 5

Year 2


KUA111 – continues

Elective courses and Individual courses

The Department of Conservation offers a number of elective courses at the second-cycle level.  

Sign up

Master students sign up for courses by contacting the student counsellor:

You do not need to apply through the admission service. When choosing an individual course choose also course period.

Elective courses

Individual courses

The individual courses are formulated based on each student’s need for in-depth studies in a certain area or of a specific perspective (KUA060, KUA150, KUA250, KUA350), individual courses could also be used as complementary studies increasing the student’s orientation into a broader context (KUA050, KUA160).

The courses are normally given as in principal literature based courses, but could also be defined as project courses in combination with field studies or internships.

You can choose between the following courses:
(The course syllabuses are in Swedish)