Master's Programme in Conservation: Courses and content

This master’s programme offers many options for specialisation.

In addition to the mandatory courses, you can choose from the selection of elective courses and design your own individual courses to create a unique academic profile. If you are interested in producing a research intensive report in a specific area, the programme also offers the opportunity to write your master's thesis during the full second year. 

Individual study plan

At the beginning of the programme, you will in consultation with the programme coordinator establish an individual study plan. The purpose of the study plan is to guide you through your studies and includes a time plan, your choice of courses, and specialisation.

Mandatory and elective courses

The programme offers mandatory and elective courses on contemporary themes in the field of conservation. Mandatory courses are given in the first year, and during the second year (the master’s thesis). Elective courses are available during the second semester. 

Individual courses

The individual courses offer a great opportunity for in-depth studies in a specific area of interest. They can also be used as complementary studies increasing orientation into a broader context. The individual courses are normally given as literature based courses, but could also be designed as project courses in combination with field studies or internships. The courses are given on several occasions throughout the programme. 

Year 1



Elective courses, up to 22.5 credits:

Year 2

Elective courses, up to 30 credits:


Or, if you want to produce a research intensive report in a specific area: