Katharina Blenk

An internship and participating in a student organization were key experiences for Katharina

Katharina Blenk from Germany studied the Master’s Programme in European Studies between 2017 and 2019. Today she lives in Berlin and works for a political communication consultancy. “I mostly work for German ministries, but also other political organizations, and I develop communication campaigns, organize events, and advise our clients on how to better communicate with citizens.

What did you like best about the University and your study program?
The fact that our professors were approachable and whenever you had a question or a problem, you were able to talk to them. I also liked the many choices you had when choosing courses in the second year and the opportunities for doing internships.

Where did you do your internship?
At the Foreign Ministry and the Federal Press Agency in Germany, where I learned a great deal about how politics work. The internationality of the programme was definitely a huge advantage. We did not only study European politics, but we were actually sitting in the classrooms with people from all over Europe and from around the world. 

You were also active in the student community around the programme?
Yes! For instance, I was involved in Brännpunkt Europa, a student-led organization, where we organized events and lectures about topics that we, as students, found interesting. We were able to invite some really interesting people, experts, and politicians during my time in Gothenburg.

In which other ways have you benefited from your education?
I, of course, studied and learned a lot about politics in general and European politics specifically, which helps me in my daily work today. But besides the theoretical aspect, my time in Gothenburg was enriching in so many ways. I made wonderful friends all over the world, I was able to immerse myself into a new culture and broaden my horizon. I loved my time in Gothenburg, the nature is beautiful, and the city with all its cute little cafes and bars is really charming.

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This interview was conducted in 2020 and written by Cecilia Floris.