Forest floor.
One of the things Lute Wilhelm appreciates about Gothenburg is that it is surrounded by forest.
Photo: Irina Iriser

A Master's programme with a lot of free choices

Lute Wilhelm from Amsterdam is a student in the Master's Programme in Political Science (MaPS). This autumn semester she is doing an Erasmus+ exchange in Prague.

Fact box

Name: Lute Wilhelm.

Age: 25.

From: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Student at: Master's Programme in Political Science. 

Former education: Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics – major: Politics – University of Amsterdam.

Plans: After completing my degree, I plan to work as a primary school teacher for a couple of years. I do not plan on doing this forever, my biggest ambition is to become the councilor of Education in the city of Amsterdam or maybe even the minister of Education in the Netherlands.