University of Gothenburg


CBiS promote and support research regarding how firms integrate sustainability into their business strategies and operative practices.

For example, CBiS arrange research seminars, provide an internal review system for publication drafts and research proposals, help to establish international academic boards for research projects, and financially supports activities central for improving the quality and quantity of research applications, projects and publications. The objective of the various forms of support is to attract skilled researchers who want to study how firms integrate sustainability into their business strategies and operative practices, give researchers the opportunity to initiate and implement relevant projects of high scientific quality, and increase researchers' chances of becoming involved in international research cooperation.

Researchers affiliated to CiBS

Management & Organisation

Arman Rebecka

Bergström Ola

Brorström Sara

Diedrich Andreas

Egels Zandén Niklas

Hällsten Freddy

Jensen Christian

Lavén Fredrik

Lindberg Kajsa

Omanovic Vedran

Samuelsson Sandra

Styhre Alexander

Wulff Gabriella

Zapata Campos María José

Marketing & Consumption

Andersson Tommy D

Armbrecht John

Balog Irina

Brembeck Helene

Hagberg Johan

Hansson Lena

Holmberg Ulrika

Jernsand Eva Maria

Lundberg Erik

Nilsson Jonas

Petersson McIntyre Magdalena

Solér Cecilia

Industrial and financial management

Overland Conny

Sandoff Anders

Schaad Gabriela

Williamsson Jon


Bergqvist Rickard

Browne Michael

Christodoulou Anastasia

Cullinane Kevin

Cullinane Sharon

Flodén Jonas

Gonzalez-Aregall Marta

Karlsson Elisabeth

Lammgård Catrin

Woxenius Johan


Beusch Peter

Brogeby Marcus

Cäker Mikael

Frisk Elisabeth

Jonäll Kristina

Rimmel Gunnar

Sabelfeld Svetlana

Johan Åkesson