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The Environment as a Driver of Antibiotic Resistance - EDAR

Research project
Active research
Project size
22,4 MSEK
Project period
2019 - 2024
Project owner
The research is led by Joakim Larsson in collaboration with Carl-Fredrik Flach and Christian Munthe (University of Gothenburg), Ramanan Laxminarayan (University of Princeton and CDDEP, USA), Erik Kristiansson (Chalmers), and Jerker Fick (Umeå university).

Short description

This multidisciplinary project address several critical knowledge gaps related to the environmental dimensions of antibiotic resistance. We aim to: 1. Understand the origin and evolution of antibiotic resistance, i.e. in what species and from what environments they likely were mobilized and transferred 2. Identify already mobilized resistance genes to last-resort antibiotics that have not (yet) been described in pathogens. 3. Understand drivers and mechanisms of resistance evolution (selection, mobilization, transfer) in the environment. 4. Provide an economic analysis of the costs and benefits of environmental interventions. 5. Analyze incentives and counterincentives for such mitigations.