Strategies to support the implementation of person-centred care

Research project
Active research
Project period
2021 - 2025
Project owner
The Institute for Health and Care Sciences, University of Gothenburg

Short description

The overall objective is to study the implementation process of more person-centred care at health care units in Sweden using the GPCC´s ethical framework of person-centred care. Three implementation strategies will be evaluated: 1) Education in form of a training package to facilitators; 2) The online course Mutual Meetings; and 3) Self-directed implementation. This will be reached by first developing and performing a pilot/feasibility study of the facilitation training package.

Facilitation is seen as the ingredient that activates implementation. The facilitation training package will emphasize the interplay between the innovation to be implemented, the recipients who will use the innovation, the context in which the innovation is implemented.


Ewa Carlsson Lalloo, Project Leader, PhD, University of Borås

Eric Carlström, Professor, GPCC

Lars Wallin, Senior researcher, Professor, Dalarna University

Leif Eriksson, Assoc. professor, Center for Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Stockholm

Anna Bergström, PhD, Center for Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Stockholm

Andreas Fors, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Researcher, University of Gothenburg

Emmelie Barenfeld, PhD, Researcher, University of Gothenburg