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Giovanni Volpe
Professor Giovanni Volpe has been selected as recipient of a new European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant. The 2-million-euro grant will be used for research aiming to take the next steps in the evolution of artificicial active matter systems.


ERC Grants Researchers at the University of Gothenburg These researchers at the University of Gothenburg have been awarded ERC Grants.

ERC Synergy Grant

Kristian Kristiansen, Faculty of Humanities, Department of historical studies (2020)
”COREX - From correlations to explanations: towards a new European prehistory”
Read more about the project.

ERC Acvanced Grant

Helene Brembeck, School of Business, Economics and Law, (2008 Co-PI)
Roger Butlin, Faculty of Science, partner, Univ. of Sheffield coordinator (2015)
Thierry Coquand, IT Faculty (2009)
Andrew Ewing, Faculty of Science (2010 and 2017)
Claes Gustafsson, Sahlgrenska Academy (2010 Co-PI)
Gunnar C Hansson, Sahlgrenska Academy (2015)
Kristian Kristiansen, Faculty of Humanities (2010)
Richard Neutze, Faculty of Science (2017)
Thomas Nyström, Faculty of Science (2010)
Bo Rothstein, Faculty of Social Sciences (2013)
Johan Åkerman, Faculty of Science (2018)

ERC Consolidator Grant

Giovanni Volpe, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics (2020) 
Fredrik Bäckhed, Sahlgrenska Academy (2013)
Maria Falkenberg Gustafson, Sahlgrenska Academy (2015)
Staffan I. Lindberg, Faculty of Social Sciences (2016)
Nir Piterman, Faculty of Science (2017)
Anders Rosengren, Sahlgrenska Academy (2019)
Sebastian Westenhoff, Faculty of Science (2016)
Henrik Zetterberg, Sahlgrenska Academy (2015)
Johan Åkerman, Faculty of Science (2012)

ERC Starting Grant

Bettina Schulz Paulsson, Faculty of the Humanities (2020)
Björn Redfors, Sahlgrenska Academy (2020) 
Davide Angeletti, Sahlgrenska Academy (2019)
Alexandre Antonelli, Faculty of Science (2012)
Martin Bergö, Sahlgrenska Academy (2007)
Emma Börgeson,Sahlgrenska Academy (2018)
Karl Börjesson, Faculty of Science (2017)
Mate Erdelyi, Faculty of Science (2010)
Maria Falkenberg Gustafsson, Sahlgrenska Academy (2010)
Adam Shehata, Faculty of Social Sciences (2018)
Hiroki Shibuya, Faculty of Science (2018)
Giovanni Volpe, Faculty of Science (2015)
Sebastian Westenhoff, Faculty of Science (2011)

ERC Proof of Concept

Alexandre Antonelli, Faculty of Science (2015)
Fredrik Bäckhed, Sahlgrenska Academy (2017)
Richard Neutze, Faculty of Science (2020)

Kristian Kristiansen
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Kristian Kristansen, archaeologist at the University of Gothenburg. will lead and coordinate an international research project that has been awarded EUR 10 million in funding from the European Research Council.

ERC Grants

The ERC complements other funding activities in Europe such as those of the national research funding agencies, and is a flagship component of Horizon 2020, the European Union's Research Framework Programme for 2014 to 2020.